Yuka Kazami
Yuka Kazami

Flower Master of th'e Four Seasons

Starting Health 750
Starting HP Regen 1.0
Starting Mana 95
Starting MP Regen 0.2
Speed 260
Sight Range 1200 / 800
Damage & Armor
Base Damage 11 - 35
Attack Speed 2.60
Attack Range 100
Base Armor -1
MiniStrength STR per level 40 + 4
MiniAgility AGI per level 5 + 1
MiniIntelligence INT per level 5 + 1

Background InfoEdit

see Touhou Wikia: Yuka Kazami

Yuka is a rather powerful and dangerous flower-loving Youkai. In Lotus Land Story, Reimu and Marisa break into her mansion in the dream world of Mugen


Flower ShootingEdit

  • Mana Cost: 10
    • Description: Gains sight of targeted tree.
    • Range: Range 700, Sight 550, Cooldown 20sec
    • Upgrade: Sight 800, Range infinity

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