Terms often used by players to refer to certain things in-game. As this is the English Wikipedia for Touhou Daydream Breaker, only terms used by english-speaking players will be included. In addition, shortened versions (ie Patchy, to refer to Patchouli) will not be listed.


A list of names the English-speaking community generally uses to refer to certain aspects and/or characters of the game.


  • Means Waste of Life, and refers to this map
    • This term came from this episode : The first game of THDB on east(about December 2009) lasted for nearly 3 hours and the host of that game said "I just wasted 2.5 hours of my life". Then he started to host THDB with gamename "Waste of Life n"


  • Refers to Byakuren
    • Origin: Byakuren's high regeneration allows her to take large amounts of damage and still live. Due to her high survivability, she is refered to as "God" because she is very difficult to kill.


  • Refers to Histousenku


  • Refers to Izayoi Sakuya
    • Origin: Sakuya is often played as DPS hero and her attacks deal very high damage. She was dubbed Mankuya because of her "manly" attacks (ie very damaging).

Mechcanical TermsEdit

Several Mechcanical Terms often used by players.


  • Short form for Skill Point


  • Mostly used to refer to heros who rely heavily on their attacks to deal damage.


  • Refers to heros who rely heavily on their attacks to deal damage.


  • Magic Reduction


  • Damage over Time


Commonly used short forms for items, heros and certain aspects of the game.


  • Phsycodialic Moon


  • King Koopa Shell


  • Anti-Magic Shield. Refers an effect that blocks magic. Generally refers to Love Potion, Picture Book or Future Diary.

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