Satori Komiji guide
This guide is written by Korean, so you need to guess the hell of meaning.

For Melee type with magic type deal

Select Satori if enemy heros are in below at least two!
Nazrin - X (You don't have to copy this if you have midas), B (You always need 990 gold for increasing to full damge of Gold Rush)
Yuka Kazami - X (Master lvl)
Ran Yakumo - V (Just learn this 1 lvl), Sakuya Izayoi - V

Flandre Scarlet - V (Not Recommand)
Yukari Yakumo - V
Chen - V (Not Recommand), B
Reisen Udonge Inaba - C (Not Recommand)
Minamitsu Murasa - V (You need increasing Attack Speed)

When you copy at least two of those skills and your level is over than 10, your deal become very high.
The recommand item is Spirit Rune (take this item 3 or 4), Tengu's Shoes or Rocket Boots, handle boots (if you want) or Future Diary or Midas Hand(need 1 skill point)

For Melee type


Select Satori if enemy heros are in below at least two!

Utsuho Reiuji - X (It is so gay)

Jun'ya Oota - X

Kogasa Tatara - B (You must have critical. If Momizi is enemy base, learn V for Critical. Or Flandre's V)

Akyu Hiedano - V (It is so gay too)

Byakuren Hiziri - X with F. You can learn V if you want.

Lily White - F (Be careful of bug. if you use this F with more than 1600~1800 health, you will die suddenly)


Sakuya Izayoi - V (also increase range)

Phychedelic Moon - 2 Skill Points

Mystral - 1 Skill Points

It is hard to grow up with those skill because satori's stat is too bad to go MELEE. Just keep growing up until lvl 15.
The recommand item is Spirit Rune, Tengu's Shoes or Rocket Boots or Shining Boots, handle boots (if you want) or Blood of Mark(need 1 skill point), Future Diary(if you had taken BoM, you should not take this), Midas Hand(need 1 skill point) or Marisada(Mistilteinn), Thmomo the Brillirance (Advanced Archery Gloves) or Ehsushi's Dagger.


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