• Recipe Cost: 185 gold
  • Total Cost: 535 gold
  • Materials: Essence of Fire (Kourindou), Leather Knuckles (Weapons Shop)
  • Increases damage by 15, Increases attackspeed by 15%, Attacked enemeis burn for 6 seconds receiving 9 damage per second.
  • Buff Placer

Guard BreakerEdit

  • Recipe Cost: 250 gold
  • Total Cost: 500 gold
  • Materials: Barisada (Kourindou)
  • Increases damage by 15, Attacks deal 16 + Opponent's Sacrificial Doll Level*5 + Opponent's Three Heavenly Dorps Level*5 spell damage (Does not stack)

Magical IndexEdit

  • Recipe Cost: 155 gold
  • Total Cost: 590 gold
  • Materials: Meditation Ring (Lesser Recipes 1), Circlet (General Shop), Summer Mask (General Shop)
  • Increases health regeneration by 6, Increases mana regeneration by 75%

Sword of RevengeEdit

  • Recipe Cost: 85 gold
  • Total Cost: 405 gold
  • Materials: Vitality Booster (Kourindou), Mana Burn (Kirisame Magic Shop)
  • Increases damage by 15, Increases health by 50, Burns 18 mana each attack and deals 1.1x brunt mana in damage
  • Orb Effect, Buff Placer (Ranged Only)

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