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Necklace of WardingEdit

  • Cost: 485 gold
  • Fine Charm (lesser Recipes) + Necklace of Protection
  • Gives a 5 armour aura for nearby friendly targets. Gives the ability to further increase the armour of nearby targets by 5 for 45 seconds. 45 seconds cooldown.

Tengu's ShoesEdit

  • Cost: 545 gold
  • Boots of Speed + This Recipe
  • Increases movement speed by 100.

Observer's EyeEdit

  • Cost: 700 gold
  • This Recipe + Magic Dust (lesser Recipes) + Pendant of Life + Mana Pendant
  • Increases max health by 250 and max mana by 180, Grants 400 Truesight around user. Places an Eye to watch in an AoE of 400. Duration: 280 seconds. 100 seconds cooldown.


  • Cost: 660 gold
  • Emerald Ring (Lesser Recipes) + Town Portal Scroll + This Recipe
  • Increases all stats by 10. Gives the ability to teleport to any friendly unit, hero or building. 4 seconds cast time. 36 seconds cooldown.


  • Cost: 595 gold
  • Ethereal (Lesser Recipes 1) + Mana Burn (Kirisame's Magic Shop) + Broken Amulet (Kirisame's Magic Shop)
  • Increases attack speed by 20% and intelligence by 10. Burns the target unit's mana equal to [35+your int*1.7] and dealing that much damage. Maximum of 190 damage dealt. Cooldown: 12 seconds


  • Cost: 750 gold
  • Bloody Flag (Lesser Recipes) + This Recipe
  • Gives a 7% chance on hit to deal 25 bonus damage and stun the target for 0.5 seconds and a 10% chance to deal 1.5x damage. Further increases damage by 20% and 25 if used by a melee hero.

Linken's Crystal OrbEdit

  • Cost: 585 gold
  • Mask of Protection (Lesser Recipes) + Broken Amulet (kirisame's magic shop) + This Recipe
  • Increases magic resistance by 20% and armor by 5 for the wearer. Creates a spell shield on friendly units in an AoE of 450. Duration: 12 Cooldown: 35 seconds
  • NOTE: Magic resistance stacks with other effects.

Mistress of SlaughterEdit

  • Cost: 480 gold
  • Purified Vampire Blood (lesser Recipes) + Balance Jade + This Recipe
  • You regain 10% of the damage dealt on attacking. Increases damage by 25.

Moon CrystalEdit

  • Cost: 1100 gold
  • Mystic staff (Kourindou) + Ogre Power Gauntlets(Kourindou) + Eye of Ra(Kourindou) + This Recipe
  • Increases all stats by 20.

Mania of Type MoonEdit

  • Cost: 850 gold
  • Night Bird's Claws + Cursed Doll (lesser Recipes)
  • Increases attack speed by 35% and damage by 18. Reduces the armor of attacked targets by 7.
  • Orb Effect, Buff Placer


  • Cost: 690 gold
  • Chain Sickle (lesser Recipes) + Balance Jade + This Recipe
  • Increases damage by 20 and attack speed by 20%. Provides a 10% chance to deal 1.5x damage. Increases the damage of nearby allied ranged units by 15%.

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