Alice Margatroid

Seven-Colored Puppeteer

Starting Health 420
Starting HP Regen ?
Starting Mana 280
Starting MP Regen ?
Speed 350
Sight Range 1200 / 800
Damage & Armor
Base Damage 19 - 25
Attack Speed 2.2
Attack Range 475
Base Armor 1


MiniStrength STR per level 18 + 2
MiniAgility AGI per level 17 + 1.5
MiniIntelligence INT per level 15 + 2.5

Background InfoEdit

see Touhou Wikia: Alice Margatroid

Alice is one of only a few people known to live within the Forest of Magic. She's a magician known primarily for her skillful use of dolls as well as being a loner. She gets in many fights with Marisa but they're actually kind of close, sharing many of the same interests and even teaming up during Imperishable Night. It's like a love/hate relationship really.

In Immaterial and Missing Power the vast majority of her attacks involved dolls in one way or another, either attacking for her or being used as explosives. She is a doll specialist, but dolls are more like a hobby in comparison to her full power. Alice is always seen with a locked grimoire in her hands, which is thought to be the same "Grimoire of Alice" that she fought the protagonist with as the Mystic Square Extra Boss.

Because Alice, unlike Marisa, is much more interested in strategy and hates having to win a fight from sheer overwhelming power, she always holds back even if it means losing.

In Touhou Hisoutensoku she creates a giant doll and tests it in battle against Cirno at the end of the latter's Story Mode.


Sacrifice "Suicide Pact"Edit

  • Mana Cost: 0
    • Description: Sacrifice an unit to restore 150 health and 60 mana. 100 sec cooldown. May only target Allies (Non-Hero)
    • Upgrade: Reduces cooldown to 60 sec. Restore 25% of sacrificed unit current health and 15% mana.


Edo Explosive PawnEdit


  • Hotkey: X
  • Mana Cost: 55/75/95/115/135
  • Type: Active, Ground Targeted
  • Range: 475 cast range, 200(315) explosion AoE, 400 sight range
  • Target: Enemy, Organic
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Cast Time: 0 seconds
  • Mastery Bonus: AoE increased.
    • Summon a doll to watch the targeted area for 60 sec. When an enemy is found, the doll will chase it and blow up dealing damage and stunning enemies caught in the blast for 1 sec.
      • Lv 1: Deal 55 damage.
      • Lv 2: Deal 100 damage.
      • Lv 3: Deal 145 damage.
      • Lv 4: Deal 190 damage.
      • Lv 5: Deal 235 damage.

Magic Sign "Artful Sacrifice"Edit


  • Hotkey: C
  • Mana Cost: 60/75/90/105/120
  • Type: Active, Ground Targeted
  • Range: 700, 225 AoE
  • Target: Enemy, Organic
  • Cooldown: 14(8.5) seconds
  • Cast Time: 0.25 sec
  • Mastery Bonus: Lowers cooldown.
    • Throws a doll into the targeted area, damaging and stunning enemies for 1.5 sec.
      • Lv 1: Deal 70 damage.
      • Lv 2: Deal 130 damage.
      • Lv 3: Deal 190 damage.
      • Lv 4: Deal 250 damage.
      • Lv 5: Deal 310 damage.

Demon Light "Devil Light Ray"Edit


  • Hotkey: V
  • Mana Cost: 65/85/105/125/145
  • Type: Active, Ground Targeted
  • Range: Cast range 650, 400 AoE, Explosion AOE 175(250)
  • Target: Enemies, Organic
  • Cooldown: 16 seconds.
  • Cast Time: 0 seconds
  • Mastery Bonus: Increased AoE and stun duration.
    • Summons 7 ray of light into the targeted area. After 1.3 sec, the ray will explode dealing damage and stunning foes caught in the blast.
      • Lv 1: Each ray does 25 damage and stun for 1 sec.
      • Lv 2: Each ray does 50 damage and stun for 1 sec.
      • Lv 3: Each ray does 75 damage and stun for 1 sec.
      • Lv 4: Each ray does 100 damage and stun for 1 sec.
      • Lv 5: Each ray does 125 damage and stun for 2 sec.

Curse Sign "Shanghai Doll"Edit


  • Hotkey: B
  • Mana Cost: 95/120/145
  • Type: Active, Non Targeted
  • Range: 850, 300 width
  • Target: Enemy, Organic
  • Cooldown: 110 seconds
  • Cast Time: 0 seconds
  • BGM: N/A
  • Mastery Bonus: Summon 2 Shanghai dolls.
    • Summons a Shanghai doll unleashing destructive beam, dealing damage per 0.05sec. Lasts 3sec.
      • Lv 1: Deal 6 damage.
      • Lv 2: Deal 10 damage.
      • Lv 3: Deal 8 damage.

Doll "Futuristic Bunraku"Edit


  • Hotkey: F
  • Mana Cost: 150
  • Type: Active, Ground Targeted, Channeling
  • Range: ?
  • Target: Enemy, Organic
  • Cooldown: 110
  • Cast Time: 0 seconds
  • BGM: Doll Judgment ~The girl who played with people's shapes
    • Alice summon a doll to fight on her behalf
      • Effect: Doll is Invulnerable, has 500 mana, has 45-120 chaos dmg, can cast a laser that deal 200 damage in a line up and self destruct to deal 700 damage in a 600 AoE. Last for 40 sec.

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